Our partners

COVARTIM has established key partnerships with trustworthy experts :

Cisteo MEDICAL develops and manufactures medical devices from inception to production in a controlled environment and can deliver finished devices ready for commercialization (implants, catheters, instrumentation, in vitro diagnostic devices). Their range of services covers all medical applications (Neurology, Cardiology, ENT, Instrumentation, …).
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GeversUp is an Intellectual Property (IP) program launched by the GEVERS Group dedicated to Innovators, Start-ups and fast-moving SME’s.
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RESCOLL Medical provides services in R&D, manufacturing, analysis and characterization of polymers and composites in the field of health applications (composites, resins, adhesives, varnish, coatings, etc.) and related fields (composite biomaterial, regenerative material, resorbable and non resorbable implant and smart surface treatments). RESCOLL Medical supports its customers on specific topics such as development of new products, validation and product conformity (in terms of mechanical or physico-chemical properties). ISO 13485 and ISO 10993 compliant, RESCOLL Medical has got several specific accreditations for spine and orthopedics.
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